Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Well the Dolphins proved all you haters wrong again! I don't want to brag because this next game is like the super bowl to the city of Miami. They have not been to the playoffs since 2000. They beat the Jets to win the AFC east championship and that win put them in the playoffs. David couldn't celebrate really because he was hit and fell the wrong way on his neck, which caused a concussion and mild trauma to his neck. I was there in NY with him when he went down and I absolutely lost it, but I can say because of the grace of God he was able to walk off the field. Actually he is trying to play this weeks game against the Ravens at home. He scored average on his concussion test which means he can play right right now. But we will see physically If he is ready to play. I think I will have a few shots of Patron to watch him play this week; i'm that scared. Here are a few pictures of the boys on Christmas Day. Dev Man played so hard on Christmas he fell asleep in his high chair. They were out driving the power wheels jeep at 7 am. It was a great day! David gave me a new camera. It takes better quality pictures. Take a look. Happy New Year!!!! Darius riding his Razor thanks to our wonderful neighbors! Thanks again! Devyn on his version of a Razor scooter...he has already learned how to ride it. Merry Christmas! Cheese!

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Dolphins are winning! Pray for them Sunday...

So I never talk about football on here but I got's to talk about David touchdown. I am his biggest fan I think...well I should be right? Anyway last weeks game they played the San Francisco fourty niners. I am always scared when David jumps over defenders to receive the ball because you never know how he will land. He had a horrible fall earlier this season that made me run to the locker room past all the security. I can laugh about it now but it wasn't funny then. Needless to say he was back on the field the next quarter so I felt like a fool later. Back on the subject his TD catch was great! He caught the ball over the head of the defender turned around and ran like hell! Some of the commentators said they haven't seen someone that big run that fast. Well he does train with me a little in his off-season I take credit of some sorts. Take a look. Click on the title to see it. I need to learn how to add a link. I clicked on the obvious button and added url but it would not show on the blog...I need help!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Well the Christmas crunch has begun! We are so busy all the time, so I decided to take my own Christmas shots and print them on a card from Shutterfly. Our impromptu photo shoot didn't go well at all! Darius wouldn't open his eyes. Devyn had a nasty nose! Anyway I am going to find a picture from earlier this year and try again! I have a story about our trees but I will post it later.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Thanksgiving was wonderful! I got much needed mom and aunt came for a week. It was great! We had "Chitlins" or the proper name Chitterlings. Also known as pig guts! Darius learned how to clean them too!! He was really excited to help. Darius had a Thanksgiving performance at school and he did wonderful! This is him afterwards waiting for food. He caught eyes with me while he was on stage!!It was hilarious...he looked at me like go home! I think he thought I would take him home. He loves school so much sometimes he doesn't want to leave.