Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Party planning is a B

Right now I have no new pictures of the boys or any cute stories to tell. I am feverishly working on David's 30th birthday celebration in March. If anyone knows me they know I love planning parties and I go all out for the decor :) I am putting a lot of time into it and I want this to be very special and something he never forgets, pray for me...It is really hard to match what he did for me for my birthday but I'm really trying to come close because he is always creative when it comes to holidays. I'm a little predictable when it comes to gifts and holiday stuff, so if you know any dancers in Knoxville who want to perform let me know... Just Kidding. Anyway, I'm hosting the party in Knoxville since it is a central spot for most. Actually hosting a party in a city that you do not live in is very difficult but with the help of Allegiant Air with 29.00 airfare I can accomplish anything! Peace.....Kameisha

Friday, February 13, 2009

My two front teeth

Darius lost both of his front teeth while we were on vacation. My mother in law said Devyn hit him in the mouth and one tooth came out and he swallowed the other! I don't know how they fell out that easy I guess they were that loose! Darius is loosing his teeth faster than normal. This is now five teeth gone and he is only five! Usually you loose your first tooth at six. My baby is growing up so fast.