Monday, June 15, 2009

I went to Dayton, Ohio also know as my birthplace for a week! You heard it right I stayed a week! I had my class reunion and of course the boys and I did activities almost everyday. The pictures are not in order...I hate uploading to blogger! Enjoy Darius driving Devyn and his cousins Alasia and Jamone I took this pic of a little boy spasing(sp) out and Devyn is at the age where he wants to copy everything...Funny Darius, Jamone and Devyn shoveling fake rocks... Mommy is so sorry for buying this little pool boys...I really thought it was bigger than that. Funny picture though Darius and Devyn with there cousins at the Children's museum in Cincinnati I love this picture The Cincinnati children's museum I did help do this at Meadowdale Yes it's a dump now and the new one will be open shortly...memories

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Sharon said...

that pool is so small:) How funny! Hey its something to get wet in though! Glad you all had fun in Ohio. The kids are getting so big.